Our Team: Susan Page

Senior Vice President of Operations

When a provider walks into their office, they expect everything to function smoothly. Susan's role is to exceed these expectations. From local and on-site management support, equipment, and facilities to coordination with IT and more, Susan is typically engaged with practices before they join our network, and she takes over support on the first day.

A graduate of the University of Delaware with a bachelors degree in nursing, Susan began her career in the inner-city emergency departments in Philadelphia, PA. She obtained her Master of Business Arts from Drexel University, where she currently teaches in the MBA program and undergraduate programs as adjunct faculty in the LeBow College of Business. Her courses have included such topics as Leadership and Professional Development; Leading Effective Organizations and Strategy; and Competitive Advantage Organizational Behavior.

During her time as the CEO of the Delaware Valley Latex Allergy Support Network, she organized two international conferences, wrote multiple articles and chapters, and worked with the FDA on minimal latex environments. The result of this effort is the No Latex labeling we see on products today.

Susan was among the nation’s first healthcare Six Sigma Master Black Belts. She has led comprehensive efforts to drive the methodologies of Six Sigma, DFSS (Design for Six Sigma), LEAN, CAP (Change Acceleration Process), and WorkOut. Susan has been responsible for deployments, curriculum development, education, project results, mentoring, and fiscal accountability.

Depth and breadth in the healthcare space is critical in the transformation of cultures and the ability to make change sustainable. Susan has held positions such as chief nursing officer, chief performance officer, and director of strategic partnerships all of which have allowed her to grow and learn. These experiences, combined with her business and clinical background, provide a unique combination that is difficult to find in healthcare. She has utilized these skills in new campus development and hospital design, systems and structures of accountability and recognition, patient satisfaction, leadership development, software implementation, cultural transformation, and quality dashboards/scorecards. She is an accomplished speaker and educator whose passion is evident in everything she does.

Susan Page

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